“ The quality of work is second to none.

Steve adds so much more to a project than delivering on a brief.

He is insightful and has the ability to blend a compelling story with his talent and craft...”

Lynette White, Event Manager, Carters

Using Synergy Films to tell your business story with power

Creating compelling business video is all about understanding and crafting a story.

It’s about considering your audience and what you want to tell them.

It’s about deliberate planning and design.

It’s about developing a budget and approach that is appropriate for the desired outcome.

 In fact, creating great business video is a bit like building a home.

Even a simple house needs a plan. And it’s generally considered wise to have an experienced professional build it.

Just like building a home, it’s a great idea to have a chat to a builder or architect before finalising a plan.

So if you’re thinking about using video, especially for the first time, you probably have a whole mix of ideas, questions and concerns.

What’s the best way to use video? What are the options? How much will it cost? How long will it take?

That’s where Synergy Films would love to help.

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